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Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Best Steak In London?

If you're like me then you'll know there is nothing better than a good old steak. However with steak I find that you really have to delve into the world of eateries to find one that is great quality. You know, the horrible chewiness you get with some of them? Sometimes you even have to hack at it for ages just to cut off a piece!

Not with this restaurant! Flat Iron currently has four restaurants, all of which are situated in the London area. There are two situated in the Soho area, one in Shoreditch and the one I am going to be talking about which is the Covent Garden restaurant. Flat Iron prides itself on only using the best cut of meat for it's steaks, they even work with their rare breed of cattle that are situated on their own farm in North Yorkshire.

You can always tell a good restaurant by looking at the menu! Flat Iron's is small yet powerful serving a choice of it's iconic steak for £10 and a select few sides. All that compliment the steak perfectly. There are also a few choices from the specials board, the day I went there was the choice of a rump steak and a burger.

To compliment your steak Flat Iron don't just give you any old steak knife, they literally give you a meat cleaver. This is something I have never seen in a steak restaurant before but it is such a nice touch. You can even purchase your own for the price of £10!

So let's talk about what I ordered. I chose the steak with a side of creamed spinach, aubergine and chips. The steak was nothing like I had tasted before. It literally melted in your mouth and had the most delicious topping to it. The sides went perfectly with all the flavours and everything just worked  so well together. You can tell from the pictures how good this meal actually was! A really nice touch to the end of your meal is that at the Covent Garden restaurant you are given a token which is for a free pudding. Once you have finished your meal if you're still hungry you can visit the Ice Cream stand where you get a free salted caramel ice cream cone topped with chocolate shavings to take away. May I add they don't just do their puddings by halves either!

So if you haven't yet found the perfect place to get a great quality steak definitely give one of Flat Iron's restaurants a visit to see what all the fuss is about.

Click here to visit their site


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Rituals set to open first London Flagship Store

Happiness can be found in the most simplest of things and this runs true for the cosmetics brand Rituals. Founded by Raymond Cloosterman in 2000, Rituals is now set to open their first London Flagship store on Covent Garden 24th August 2016. 

Rituals offer a wide range of products from mineral makeup to bath and body products and even candles and clothes. Whilst this brand is popular in department stores such as Debenhams it is yet to have a standalone store in London. 

It is rumoured that the brand will offer tea as customers walk through the door and complimentary hand and arm massages.

So for those of you who love your lotions and potions when it's open this store is definitely worth a visit. 

Sunday, 7 August 2016

yase cosmetics First Impressions

So I am always a little skeptical when brands get in contact with me. As I'm not a huge blogger or very popular in the blogging world I find it hard to believe people will actually want to hear my opinion let alone send me freebies. Putting all that to the side I am always willing to try something out in the name of beauty.

I check my blog emails around once a week, usually to find not much at all. I saw that I had a few emails in my junk folder, now my junk folder is usually full of scams and people saying I have won millions and all I need to do to get it is pass them over my bank details.. Like I'd do that! I saw I had an email from a lady about sending me some skincare products. I'd never heard of the brand and when I googled it all I could find was the website, no reviews no nothing! Even their Instagram only had a few followers.

Now as a beauty enthusiast I am always willing to give anything a shot, that is once I have found out it's not going to poison me! I was given a voucher code by the lady which totaled to the amount of 120 euros. this would cover the cost of two products and the shipping fees. I had a look on the site and I decided out of the day cream, night cream and serum I would pick the day cream and serum.

The postage for these products seemed really fast which I was really impressed by. The packaging itself was also really sturdy and made sure the products wouldn't end up breaking or leaking. My two products came elegantly packaged in a matte white magnetic box with the logo on the top which made them feel that little bit more luxury.

So anyway lets get onto my first impressions. So to tell you the truth when I first pumped the day cream onto the back of my hand I really wasn't a fan of the smell. These products are all natural/gluten free/vegan you name it products so I wasn't really sure what they would smell like, but as I said the day cream had a smell that resembled the kind your clothes would smell like if you spent the night cooking stinky food! The serum smelt somewhat better still a little off but it was more of a minty fresh smell thank a cooking one! At least you know these products haven't been masked with lots of chemicals to fragrance them!

When I applied the serum to my face I only used about a pea sized amount and I can tell you this was more than enough! It glided over my skin like silk and so seamlessly. At first the product did feel a little sticky on my skin when it started to dry but as I kept rubbing it in I could feel it absorb in my skin and it left it feeling really rejuvenated and soft. I then applied the day cream, I shall say it again I am not a massive fan of the smell. It's definitely not a smell that I am used to putting on my face but I guess it's a bit like the Nivea post shave balm I don't like the fragrance of that, but once it has absorbed into my skin you can't notice it at all! This moisturizer also went on like a dream, it was so silky soft and absorbed into my skin so nicely.

So putting aside the funny smells I have actually been really impressed by something that I was a little hesitant about. I will definitely give you an update in a few weeks time!

Visit their website here:

Monday, 1 August 2016

The £4.50 2 in 1 That Will Change Your Skin For The Better

I've noticed as I've got older the appearance of my skin is something that I have begun to struggle with. I'm sure most of you can agree with me on this one. For a while now my skin has been looking super clogged up and dull and I had been struggling to find a product that would help to clear it up. I'd spend nearly all of my time applying pore strips and trying to remove all the gunk! I am happy to say now that I have found something that has helped to clear my skin up tremendously and its not going to break the bank at just £4.50.

This product is a 2 in 1 face wash and mask, I am a sucker for a 2 in 1 especially with something as good as this product. I'm a huge fan of using this stuff as a wash in the mornings with a facial brush as well as leaving it on for a few minutes as a mask to really draw out all those yucky blackheads. I have also noticed a reduction in the size of my pores, this stuff has really helped to clear them out and give my skin that fresh and rejuvenated look.

The product itself is oil free so all you oily skinned girls and guys this won't add to the natural oils on your face and won't break you out. Once applied and removed this product leaves your face feeling really fresh and really leaves you with a smooth base ready to apply your makeup on.

So if you've found yourself in a bit of a skin rut like me I seriously suggest giving this stuff a try, after all £4.50 is a bit of a bargain!

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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Preen.Me X L'Oreal Paris Studio Pro

So for the past week or so I have been planning what to me is the most exciting video yet on my YouTube channel. It's in collaboration with Preen.Me click here to go to their site and L'Oreal Paris surrounding their Studio Pro range. As I am a Preen.Me VIP I was lucky enough to be selected and sent 5 products from the Studio Pro range. The products I received were 3 of their hairsprays, one in the Boost It Volume Hairspray formula, and two of the Lock It Hairsprays one in Strong and one in Ultra Strong. I also received 2 of the Heat It products one was the Heat It Hot & Curl Heat Spray and the other was the Heat It Hot & Go Fast Blow-Dry Spray. The last product I received was the Sleek It Ultra Smoothing Cream. I was absolutely ecstatic when I received my parcel and couldn't wait to get filming! So here is my first video for you, inspired by the little bit of sun we have been lucky enough to get in England! Fingers crossed it stays!!!

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