Friday, 20 May 2016

M.A.C Caitlyn Jenner

I’m sure all of you lovely people have heard of the Kardashians and the Jenners, they are absolutely huge in the beauty and reality world and let’s face it they’re always plastered over our televisions and magazines. One of the more recent stories involves Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner and her transformation into a woman. 

I have so much respect for Caitlyn as coming from a family that is constantly surrounded by the paparazzi and having their stories plastered in the papers it was something that I think of as extremely brave. Caitlyn has courageously shared her transition extremely publicly with the world. I believe it has empowered those like her not to feel embarrassed or like what they are doing is wrong because it totally isn’t.

Now who loves a MAC collaboration *shoves hands up in the air* I DO! And what is more amazing is that it is a collar with the lovely lady herself Caitlyn Jenner. This is a bit like the Viva Glam Lipsticks except instead of the proceeds going to the Aids fund it is going to benefit the transgender community in the UK. So yes you are buying a lipstick which we all admittedly love to do but giving a little helping hand to charity along the way!

The lipstick is cleverly named finally free, it’s a creme sheen finish which is undoubtedly my favourite MAC lipstick finish. It is described as a midtone rosey nude which describes this baby perfectly! It is a perfect everyday lipstick or you could even jazz it up for the night time pairing it with a smokey eye. 

The lipstick itself will cost you £15.50 and is an online exclusive so get it whilst you can!


Monday, 25 April 2016

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits Review and Swatches

Hello everyone, today I had a day off of work so decided it would be the perfect opportunity to film my long awaited Kylie Cosmetics video! I have had these babies since February which is definitely far too long to leave it! I know you have all probably seen a million and one of these videos now but I still wanted to do a swatch video for you all who have slightly paler skin then Kylie herself as the colours seem to look a little different! Please let me know what you think of the video, I am still trying to work out backgrounds, lighting, ect so I'm grateful for any pointers!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Makeup Geek Haul - Shipping from US to UK

It seems for months and months I had been putting off trying products from Makeup Geek. After the brand was recently brought onto the UK Beauty site Beauty Bay I spent hours picking and choosing eyeshadows and blushes, adding them to my basket but then never going ahead with the order! Being a complete newbie to the Makeup Geek line I just didn't know what to get if I'm honest. After a few months of looking on Beauty Bay and adding then discarding my orders I decided to take a quick look on the Makeup Geek website itself. Makeup Geek is an American brand by Marlena who runs a YouTube channel called Makeup Geek. Marlena is passionate about empowering woman and men for that matter through makeup, and that is something I strongly live by too. It reminds me of the beliefs of one of my favourite makeup artists Charlotte Tilbury. So anyway going back to the website... After  few minutes flicking through I noticed on the front page of the shop it had advertised a bundle called Spring Fever which included 9 of the makeup geek shadows for $39.99.

 The bundle included two of the foiled eyeshadows. The shadow on the left is called In the Spotlight which is a beautiful peachy nude, and the shadow on the right is called Daydreamer which is a lovely foiled lilac/purple.

It also included one of the duochrome eyeshadow pans called Mai Tai which is a really pretty Pink with almost a reddy/purple duochrome effect running through it.

Then the rest of the set was 6 of the pressed eyeshadow pans. Starting on the top row on the left the first colour is Boo berry the second colour is Peach Smoothie, which may I add is the most perfect transition colour ever! Then the last colour on the top row is Fuji which is a lovely bright green. The colours on the bottom row starting from left to right is Bedrock, which is also a lovely matte colour thats going to be great for creating a smokey eye, Then there's Sorbet and last but not least on the eyeshadow front there is Shimma Shimma which is a lovely warm champagne colour.

The last two products I purchased from Makeup Geek were two blushers. These were both on sale for $5 which made them work out stupidly cheap! Just for the record they usually retail at $9.99 so these two were both 50% off! The colour on the left is called Bliss and it's a really lovely muted orangey coral and the colour on the right is called Summer Fling which is more of your brighter orange shade.

Now lets talk about the shipping. You all know I'm sure that shipping from the US to the UK isn't necessarily going to be the quickest, easiest or cheapest thing to do. With Makeup Geek I was pleasantly surprised! The shipping only cost a mere $8.99 for First Class USPS... So compare that to the Kylie Cosmetics Shipping of $14.99 is almost half and not to mention it only works out about £5 - £6... Ridiculous! The shipping only took around 11 days which was amazing, I also had no nasty customs fee to pay which I was extremely happy about as with out of my 3 Kylie Cosmetics orders I had customs fees on 2 of them!

So if you are thinking of making an order on Makeup Geek I would definitely go check out their bundles on the US site first before heading over to Beauty Bay as they work out such a good deal and are 100% worth it!


Monday, 18 April 2016

Morphe Brushes Haul

As a self confessed beauty addict I spend quite some time flicking through online makeup stores. Feel Unique, Beauty Bay and Look Fantastic are just some of the sites I spend hours trawling through. For a while now I had been looking into getting some makeup brushes from Morphe. Morphe Brushes is predominantly sold in the US however Beauty Bay have recently introduced it to their endless lines of brands along with other US brands such as Makeup Geek. YouTuber/Makeup phenomenom Nicol Concilio often uses Morphe Brushes and their makeup products so I thought, if it's good enough for her its most certainly good enough for me! Morphe are also super affordable. The most expensive or shall I say inexpensive brushes that I purchases were £5.50 which is pretty amazing if you ask me!

The first brush I decided to get was the Morphe G27. Its a very precise and dense pencil brush. I really needed a new one of these as my one from my Ovonni set was looking a bit worse for wear! This brush has a beautiful gunmetal silver handle which makes it look and feel super luxury! For £4.75 it's definitely a bargain and a staple in any makeup brush collection.

The next brush I purchased was the Morphe E30. This is described as their blending fluff brush. This is a slightly larger blending brush which makes it great for really blending out any harsh lines and making sure it all blends seamlessly. The brush is really dense yet it remains extremely soft so I am very excited to try this out! This was slightly more expensive than the first coming in at £5.50.

Now can you see a running theme.. Yes another blending brush! This is the Morphe M330 and this is a blending crease brush. I thought this brush would be perfect for applying product to the crease as it is much smaller than the E30 brush. The bristles on this brush aren't as dense as the E30 yet they are still really soft and silky. This brush was £4.75.

The last brush I purchased was yet another blending brush! This is the Morphe E17 and it looks like a little baby version of the E30. This is a crease precision blending brush so this would be perfect for creating makeup looks where there's a lot of detail on the crease, such as a cut crease! The bristles on this brush are also very dense and fluffy!

I hope you guys like this post, I am a newbie to Morphe Brushes so if you have any you suggest I try please leave it in the comments below!

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Good Friday At The Bluebell Railway

Today's post is going to be something a little different to my usual beauty posts. Last Friday which happened to be Good Friday my boyfriend and his family arranged a little day trip out. We were babysitting his Nephew and thought it would be lovely to take him to the Bluebell Railway, and as it was the only day that was forecast to have nice weather we would snap up the chance to spend a lovely day out in the sun. I hadn't been to the Bluebell Railway for years, I remember going a few times when I was younger but I really didn't remember it in too much detail.

 The drive from Brighton only took about 30 minutes so it really didn't take too long at all. When we arrived it was  like we had gone back in time. We were greeted by staff which were smartly dressed in old fashioned suits and the station itself had a lovely vintage feel to it. We decided we would catch the train to East Grinstead and get off to have some lunch. If you wanted to go to the station you don't actually have to buy tickets you can come in and watch the trains go in and out of the station.

Our train set off around 12:20 and only took about 45 minutes to get to arrive in East Grinstead. The scenery whilst riding on the train was beautiful, we even saw wild deer whilst passing through some of the fields. This is a perfect day out for anyone who have young children or even if you just fancy a little trip or a train spot. Even for someone like me who isn't particularly interested in trains it was still a fun filled and relaxing day out. It was also the perfect opportunity to test out my new camera!

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